Supercomputer Technologies in Humanitarian Researches

The seminar is organized by the Multiagent supercomputer research association (MSRA) and Scientific council for methodology of artificial intelligence and cognitive researches of Russian Academy of Science (SCMAI). The workshop  continues the discussions of conference "Supercomputer Days in Russia - 2016" and the section "Multiagent paradigm of social and humanitarian studies" at the Russian Conference "Philosophy and Society", April 5, 2017, Faculty of Philosophy, Moscow State University.

Workshop Chair

Makarov V.L., academician, President of  MSRA, co-chair of the SCMAI, Doctor of sciences (physico-mathematical sciences), prof., Director of the Central Economics and Mathematics Institute of Russian Academy of Science.

Program Committee

  • Alekseev A.Yu., coordinator of SCMAI, PhD, Leading researcher of Philosophy Faculty of Lomonosov Moscow State University
  • Bakhtizin A.R., corresponding member of RAS, doctor of sciences (economy), prof., Chief Researcher of Central Economic Mathematical Institute of RAS
  • Dubrovsky D.I., co-chair of SCMAI, Doctor of science (philosophy), prof., Chief Researcher of Institute of Philosophy of RAS
  • Kuznetsov V.G., Doctor of science (philosophy), prof., Head of the Department of Philosophy and Methodology of Science of Philosophy Faculty of Lomonosov Moscow State University, Head of the International interdisciplinary seminar “Neurophilosophy"
  • Lektorsky V.A., academician, co-chair of SCMAI, Doctor of science (philosophy), prof., Head of sector on the Institute of Philosophy of RAS       
  • Marinosyan J.E., Doctor of science (philosophy), prof., Chief-editor of the journal “Philosophic Sciences", President of the Academy of Humanitarian Studies
  • Mironov V.V., corresponding member of RAS, Doctor of science (philosophy), prof., Dean of the Philosophy Faculty of Lomonosov Moscow State University
  • Petrunin Yu.Yu., Doctor of science (philosophy), prof., professor of Moscow State University Faculty of State Management, Head of the Russian interdisciplinary seminar “Knowledge Management”.

Workshop Topics

  • Multiagent supercomputer paradigm: definitions, boundaries, realizations
  • Application of supercomputers in the Social sciences and Humanities
  • Supercomputer’s tools of social technologies
  • Supercomputer technologies in e-culture
  • Application of supercomputers in cognitive studies
  • Methodological expertise of supercomputing projects in the humanitarian sphere.


  1. Makarov V.L., Bakhtizin A.R., Sushko E.N. "Development of agent-oriented model of demographic and migration processes in Eurasia and its supercomputer implementation».
  2. Petrunin Y.Y. "The use of supercomputers in the analysis of political and social Big Data.
  3. Kuznetsov V.G., Alekseev A.Y. "The Principles of supercomputer implementation of multi-agent models".
  4. Shestakova M.A. "Interdisciplinary problems of multi-agent supercomputer paradigm".

Rules for Presentation of Works and Important Dates

Rules for presentation of works match the general rules of the main conference.

As a result of the seminar, participants of the seminar are supposed to publish articles in the journals "Artificial Societies", “Philosophic Sciences", "Philosophy of Science and Technology", "Philosophy, methodology and history of science," "Neurocomputers: development and application", etc.

Articles should be prepared in accordance with the requirements of journals.


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