Accepted Papers

Research Papers

Accurate finite-difference simulation of scattered seismic waves in 3D heterogeneous media on the base of locally refined grids
Vladimir Tcheverda, Victor Kostin, Galina Reshetova and Vadim Lisitsa

Adaptation of dynamic stress strain solver based on discrete elements method for heterogeneous computing hardware
Victor Getmanskiy, Sergey Alekseev and Andrey Andreev

AlgoWiki: some aspects of algorithm properties investigations with  Householder QR-decomposition studying as an example
Alexey V. Frolov and Alexey Teplov

ALIAKMON: A Free Parallel Spectral Code for Fluid Turbulence Simulations
Georgios Momferratos and Pierre Lesaffre

An Approach for Parallel Solving the Multicriterial Optimization Problems with Non-convex Constraints
Evgeniy Kozinov and Victor Gergel

Angara-based hybrid supercomputer for efficient acceleration of computational materials science studies
Vyacheslav Vecher, Nikolay Kondratyuk, Grigory Smirnov and Vladimir Stegailov

Ani3D-extension of parallel platform INMOST and hydrodynamic applications
Vasily Kramarenko, Yuri Vassilevski and Igor Konshin

Anticipation Scheduling in Grid with Stakeholders Preferences
Victor Toporkov, Dmitry Yemelyanov and Anna Toporkova

Application of parallel programming technologies to seismic modeling with topography using grid-characteristic method
Andrey Ivanov and Nikolay Khokhlov

Architecture of Middleware to Provide the Multiscale Modelling Using Coupling Templates
Alexey Linev, Alexander Sysoyev, Valentina Kustikova, Maksim Zhiltsov, Igor Polyakov, Denis Nasonov and Nikolay Butakov

Automatic SIMD Vectorization of Loops: Issues, Energy Efficiency and Performance on Intel Processors
Olga Moldovanova and Mikhail Kurnosov

C++ playground for numerical integration method developers
Stepan Orlov

Computational Modeling of Turbulent Structuring of Molecular Clouds Based on High Resolution Calculating Schemes
Boris Rybakin, Valery Goryachev and Stepan Ageev

Design of advanced reconfigurable computer systems with liquid cooling
Ilya Levin, Alexey Dordopulo, Alexander Fedorov and Doronchenko Yuriy

Dynamic optimization of linear solver parameters in mathematical modeling of unsteady processes
Dmitri Bagaev, Igor Konshin and Kirill Nikitin

Efficiency analysis of Intel and AMD x86_64 architectures for ab initio calculations: a case study of VASP
Vladimir Stegailov and Vyaceslav Vecher

Fault Tolerance Mechanisms based on coordinated checkpointing
Aleksey Bondarenko, Mikhail Yakobovskiy and Pavel Lyakhov

Further development of the parallel program complex of SL-AV atmosphere model
Mikhail Tolstykh, Rostislav Fadeev, Gordey Goyman and Vladimir Shashkin

GPU acceleration of dense matrix and block operations for Lanczos method for systems over large prime finite field
Nikolai Zamarashkin and Dmitry Zheltkov

High-performance simulation of gas mixture flows in microchannels
Viktoriia Podryga and Sergey Polyakov

How to approach the peak Flops/sec rate? Comparison of x86 and ARMv8 architectures
Vsevolod Nikolskiy and Vladimir Stegailov

HPC Applications Experience using DVM-system
Vladimir Bakhtin, Dmitriy Zaharov, Valery Aleksahin, Alexander Kolganov, Victor Krukov, Nataliya Podderyugina, Mikhail Pritula and Alexander Korolev

Hybrid Computing Clusters to Study Protein Structure, Function and Regulation
Dmitry Suplatov, Nina Popova, Kirill Kopylov, Maxim Shegay, Vladimir Voevodin and Vytas Švedas

Improving MPI-Scalability of Multifrontal Direct Solver for 3D Helmholtz Equation with Data Compression
Sergey Solovyev and Victor Kostin

Improving the performance of an AstroPhi code for massively parallel supercomputers using roofline analysis
Igor Kulikov, Igor Chernykh and Boris Glinskiy

Increasing Performance of the Quantum Trajectory Method by Grouping Trajectories
Alexey Linev, Valentin Volokitin, Iosif Meyerov, Mikhail Ivanchenko and Sergey Denisov

JobDigest – Detailed System Monitoring-Based Supercomputer Application Behavior Analysis
Dmitry Nikitenko, Alexander Antonov, Pavel Shvets, Sergey Sobolev, Konstantin Stefanov, Vadim Voevodin, Vladimir Voevodin and Sergey Zhumatiy

Layer-by-Layer Decomposition in Finite Element Analysis on Hybrid Architectures
Sergey Kopysov, Nikita Nedozhogin and Alexander Novikov

Means for fast performance of the distributed associative operations in supercomputers
Stetsyura Gennady

Methods of Deployment of Software Platforms and Virtualization of Networks for Running Parallel Jobs
Boris Shabanov, Alexey Ovsyannikov, Anton Baranov, Oleg Aladyshev, Evgeny Kiselev and Yaroslav Zhukov

Numerical simulation of light propagation through composite and anisotropic media using supercomputers
Roman Galev, Alexey Kudryavtsev and Sergey Trashkeev

On the parallel least square approaches in the Krylov subspaces
Valery Ilin

Optimization of numerical algorithms for solving inverse problems of ultrasonic tomography on a supercomputer
Sergey Y. Romanov

Parallel algorithm of conforming identification of the fundamental matrix in the images matching task
Andrey Gavrilov, Yegor Goshin and Kirill Pugachev

Parallel FDTD Solver with Optimal Topology and Dynamic Balancing
Gleb Balykov

Parallel heterogeneous multi-classifier system for decision making in algorithmic trading
Yuri Zelenkov

Parallel implementation of the adaptive nested scheme of dimensionality reduction for problems of global optimization
Vladimir Grishagin and Ruslan Israfilov

Parallel simulation of kinetic processes by Monte Carlo method (dedicated to the memory of the Chief Theoretician of Cosmonautics academician M.V.Keldysh in the 60th anniversary of the launch of the first artificial sputnik
Mikhail Marchenko and Tamara Sushkevich

Possibility of Physical Detonation in the Flow of Vibrationally Preexcited Hydrogen in a Shock Tube
Sergey Kulikov, Nadezda Chervonnaya and Olga Ternovaya

Radial basis function for mesh-to-mesh interpolation in parallel solving fluid-structure interaction problem
Sergey Kopysov, Igor Kuzmin, Alexander Novikov, Nikita Nedozhogin and Leonid Tonkov

RAML-based Mock Service Generator for Microservice Applications Testing
Gleb Radchenko, Nikita Ashikhmin and Andrei Tchernykh

Resource-independent programming of hybrid reconfigurable computer systems
Alexey Dordopulo and Ilya Levin

Retrospective Satellite Data in the Cloud: An Array DBMS Approach
Ramon Antonio Rodriges Zalipynis, Anton Bryukhov and Evgeniy Pozdeev

Scalability evaluation of the NSLP algorithm for solving non-stationary linear programming problems on cluster computing systems
Irina Sokolinskaya and Leonid B. Sokolinsky

Smoothed-particle hydrodynamics models: implementation features on GPUs
Sergey Khrapov and Alexander Khoperskov

Solving the problems of photorealistic computer graphics using the secure infrastructure of the supercomputer center
Anton Baranov, Evgeny Kiselev, Boris Shabanov, Alexey Ovsyannikov, Sergey Leshev, Dmitry Gumenniy, Dmitriy Shurov and Boris Dolgov

Solving Time-consuming Global Optimization Problems with Globalizer Software System
Alexander Sysoyev, Konstantin Barkalov, Vladislav Sovrasov, Ilya Lebedev and Victor Gergel

Supercomputer modelling of electromagnetic wave scattering with boundary integral equation method
Andrey Aparinov, Alexey Setukha and Stanislav Stavtsev

Tensor Train Global Optimization: Application to Docking in the Configuration Space with a Large Number of Dimensions
Vladimir Sulimov, Dmitry Zheltkov, Igor Oferkin, Danil Kutov, Ekaterina Katkova, Eugene Tyrtyshnikov and Alexey Sulimov

The architecture of specialized GPU clusters used for solving the inverse problems of 3D low-frequency ultrasonic tomography
Alexander Goncharsky and Sergey Seryozhnikov

The Combinatorial Modelling Approach to Study Sustainable Energy Development of Vietnam
Aleksey Edelev, Valeriy Zorkaltsev, Sergey Gorsky, Bình Văn Đoàn and Nam Hoài Nguyễn

The efficiency investigation of the multiple turbulent flow states simultaneous modelling approach for the DNS of the flow over a wall-mounted matrix of cubes
Boris Krasnopolsky

The Energy Consumption Analysis for the Multispectral Infrared Satellite Images Processing Algorithm
Ekaterina Tyutlyaeva, Sergey Konyuhov, Igor Odintsov and Alexander Moskovsky

The Integrated Approach to Solving Large-Size Physical Problems on Supercomputers
Boris Glinskiy, Igor Chernykh, Igor Kulikov, Alexey Snytnikov, Anna Sapetina and Dmitry Weins

The solution neutron and gamma-ray transport problems by use of supercomputers
Alexey Moryakov, Nidzhat Isakov and Alexandr Spiridonov

The Supercomputer Simulation of Nanocomposite Components and Transport Processes in the Li-ion Power Sources of new types
Vadim Volokhov, Dmitry Varlamov, Tatiana Zyubina, Alexander Zyubin, Alexander Volokhov and Elena Amosova

The technology of nesting a regional ocean model into a global one using a computational platform for massively parallel computers CMF
Koromyslov Alexandr, Rashit Ibrayev and Maxim Kaurkin

Topology-aware placement of MPI-programs processes for clusters that use a communication network "Angara”
Mikhail Khalilov and Alexey Timofeev

Two approaches to speeding up dynamics simulation for a low dimension mechanical system
Stepan Orlov, Alexey Kuzin and Nikolay Shabrov

Using Simulation to Improve Workflow Scheduling in Heterogeneous Computing Systems
Alexey Nazarenko and Oleg Sukhoroslov

Vectorization of dynamic stress-strain simulation algorithms on x86 architectures with different SIMD instructions support
Andrey Andreev, Victor Getmanskiy, Eugenia Movchan and Egor Kharkov


A Compiler-Directed Approach to Software Cache Coherence Management via X10 Programs Transformations
Aleksei Levchenko

Integration of parallel computing in open pit optimization systems
Denis Petrov, Vladimir Mikhelev and Pavel Vassiliev

Multiscale Hierarchical Simulation Package MULTICOMP
Andrey Kniznik, Roman Khudobin, Pavel Komarov, Denis Shirabaykin, Vladimir Rudyak, Daria Guseva, Pavel Khalatur and Boris Potapkin

Numerical simulation of seismograms for the studding of the inner – outer Earth core transition zone
Vladimir M. Ovtchinnikov and Olga A. Usoltseva

Parallel genetic algorithms for automatic design of coordinated behavior in the swarm systems
Alexandr Golovin, Nikolay Ershov and Nina Popova

Scalability investigation of global optimization algorithm on a class of functions with variable complexity
Konstantin Barkalov and Ilya Lebedev

SDDS – An Automated System for Space Experiment Data Processing, Storage, and Distribution
Minh Duc Nguyen

Use of computer modeling for analysis of structure and stability of polymer solutions and colloid dispersions
Anastasia Markina, Alexander Buglakov, Alexei Gavrilov, Viktor Ivanov and Pavel Komarov

PhD Showcase

Final drive lubrication modeling
Evgeniy Avdeev and Valery Ovchinnikov

General Model of Real-Time Modular Computer Systems Operation for Checking Acceptability of Such Systems' Configurations
Alevtina Glonina

Infiniband traffic analysis for communication profile construction
Aleksei Gradskov and Konstantin Stefanov

Methods and tools for organizing the global job queue in the geographically distributed computing system
Artem Tikhomirov and Anton Baranov

Methods for statistical analysis of large supercomputer job flow
Arina Mamaeva and Vadim Voevodin

Parallel evolutionary algorithms for solving optimization problems in structural bioinformatics
Sergey Poluyan

Industrial Session

Fluid visualization in FlowVision
Andrew Fedorov

Multi-scale problems of heat and mass transfer in nuclear industry
Alexander Skibin, Luka Golibrodo, Alexey Krutikov, Oleg Kudryavtsev, Yuri Nadinskiy, Vasilii Volkov and Artem Nechaev

Scalability and performance of FlowVision CFD software on the cluster with Angara interconnect
Victor Akimov, Dmitry Silaev, Alexey Simonov and Alexander Semenov

Supercomputer Education: Problems and Prospects